The hosts

Hosts and operators of Sørøya Gjestestue are Ilona Kathrine Røe and Einar Røe. Gammelhjem is Einar's childhood home, and as soon as he was old enough to decide for himself, he chose to move back to the farm from Hammerfest. It has always been his dream since he was 8-10 years old to move back. And when the youngest man finished primary school, Ilona could finally move home too. We are also fortunate that one of our sons, Trond-Vegar, has moved back to the farm. Trond-Vegar says he lives in paradise every day. In the same way, we now run both a farm and a tourism business.

Gjestestua is located in Sandøybotn in scenic surroundings on the outer side of Sørøya, close to the farm Gammelhjem. We started in 2006. Gjestestua is originally a boarding school from the mid-1950s. In addition to renting out rooms and cabins, we also have a small souvenir shop where we sell various hiking equipment. We have a particularly good selection of sea fishing rods and jigs. Just below the guest room is the dock. In the pub in the guest room you can experience a good atmosphere with all the singing and live music, both with and without an umbrella drink and other good things (the pub is currently closed). We have both a barbecue cabin and a sauna that our guests can use.

When our guests arrive, we go into the pub. Then we will gladly take a review of fishing spots, nature, a bit of history about the area, and not least safety at sea.

For our guests who need it, we rent out sea fishing lines, inland fishing rods, lavvo and guided tours with snowmobiles.

On the farm we have sheep, cats, dogs and chickens. In the autumn we do hunting and sheep herding, and if there is anyone who would like to experience sheep herding with us, just get in touch.

In addition to being a sheep farmer in Sandøybotn and running a farm and tourist facility with rental of boats and equipment, Einar is a local postmaster and a boat dispatcher in Lotre. He is also the contact person for the power grid - and much else. In the summer, we run a minibus route with an agreement with the county council. Much of this is done out of pure idealism to maintain services on Sørøya and contact with the wider community.

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